Summer Blockbusters: What’s Left for the Box Office The Rest of the Summer

So with half of the summer behind us, that means that we’ve all probably made our way to the ridiculously over priced big screen closest to us to see one of the movies that this summer has had to offer. I’ll admit that the one time I made it to the theater was to see Pitch Perfect 2. But every penny of that $12.50 ticket was worth it getting to see Anna Kendrick so no complaining on my side. But Pitch Perfect 2 actually did not come close to the box office’s top movie so far this summer: Jurassic World bringing in over an outstanding $520,000,000 in not even a month so far.

Anyway, I still think that this summer has a ton of potential when it comes to the box office. So I’m going to breakdown what’s still in store for us the rest of the summer.

1. Minions – July 10th

Only one week separates us from the next film of the Despicable Me story and this one could possibly be the best one yet. I fell in love with the minions the very first time that I watched the first movie. So much that I let people know and my friend ended up getting me the second movie for me as a Christmas gift. Making a movie about the minions and how they came about only seemed like the right thing to do considering I know for a fact that I was not the only person fall in love with the little yellow guys. I know I will be seeing this movie in theaters within the first week that it comes out so I definitely recommend to anyone else who plans on doing so to freshen up on your Minionese to understand just a little more.

2. Self/Less – July 10th

I haven’t heard about this movie all summer until I looked up what was left to start writing this, but basically this movie seeks out the answer all the questions that make life seem perfect: What would it be like if we could be immortal around the age of 30? What would it be life to have all the money one can want? But there is only one twist to this: the main character whose life the movie follows is slowly dying and decides to become immortal but go back to when he was about 30. The struggles that he had before disappeared so he gains the ability to live a young hectic life. And since apparently the old bald guy used to look like Ryan Reynolds, I’d say with all his wealth his life could get pretty crazy. But then when his life catches up to him is when the real trouble comes in. So basically this movie is a mix of immortality and good looking people so I am definitely interested in seeing it.

3. Ant-Man – July 17th

So this is Marvel’s next movie. I have never even heard of the concept of Ant-Man and I really don’t understand it even after watching the trailer. First off they chose Paul Rudd to be the star. Paul Rudd to me is a poor man’s Ben Affleck, and with Ben Affleck getting the role of the newest Batman, this comparison shows even more. Anyway, his superpower is to shrink down, work with ants, and break into somewhere. Maybe I’m just not the comic person, but I already know that I’m going to wait this one out until it comes to Netflix.

4. Trainwreck – July 17th

Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, and….. Lebron James? Yes, the King has made his way to the big screen in this “modern” romantic comedy. I’m pretty sure there was a pre-screening for this movie when I was up at Syracuse last semester, and I didn’t see it then, so I probably won’t see it this summer either. I think it’s an interesting concept as it takes the whole heartbreak story to a different area like all other romantic movies (then again, I haven’t seen many at all so what do I really know?). I’m not a big Amy Schumer fan, but apparently a lot of people are since she’s gotten big within the past year or so with hosting the MTV Movie Awards and what not. Bill Hader is a wacko that is awesome; still kinda bitter that he’s not on SNL anymore but he is still putting out quality work with each of his roles in movies. Lebron James is in this which I’m sure will make it easier for guys to go to this Rom-Com when they get dragged along. But anyway, I’m putting this one on the “Wait Till It Goes On Netflix” List as well.

5. Pan – July 24th

For some reason the story of Peter Pan has never been one to amaze me, but I definitely am interested in this movie. The last rendition of Peter Pan that I can recollect is NBC’s live version on primetime television, so let’s just hope this movie can save what Peter Pan stands for from that weak showing starring the oddball that is Christopher Walken. The big temptation that this film brings in is that it is from the same studios that busted out each of the Harry Potter films. So maybe I will finally make my way into Neverland and see what it’s all about, but I can’t say I am necessarily stoked to see this one.

6. Vacation – July 31st

This is another movie I haven’t heard of before looking for upcoming movies, but yet again I would much rather see this than some of the overly advertised other movies. Vacation is a sequel to the movie starring the Griswold family, National Lampoon’s Vacation. After telling my mom that a sequel is coming out, she said nothing can top the original, but then I showed her the trailer and after bursting out a few times in laughter she gave in to wanting to see the movie. So take that for what it’s worth, especially considering she never wants to go to the movies for what she calls “stupid” movies. But the cast in this movie makes it very promising starting with Ed Helms, for those of you who may not recognize the name he is Andy from The Office, Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth, Keegan-Michael Key, Charlie Day, and many more including Chevy Chase, from the original. So this is definitely a toss up if I will be making my way to see it in theaters, but I definitely want to see the movie at some point this year.

7. Southpaw – July 31st

This movie makes me question two things: How do so many boxing movies come out and each one is amazing? And what can’t Jake Gyllenhaal do? This movie is definitely one worth checking out as it is filled with struggle on all different levels. As a man who struggled with so much, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a man who loses everything with hopes to get it all back. He is led by the best in his area played by Forrest Whitaker and Curtis Jackson… or 50 cent. Yup, you heard that right 50 cent is going to play a man who’s got his life together and knows how to fight and lead others, so basically he is playing himself. I’m going to mark this movie as a must see.

So before you lose all your hope in the big screen as the price keeps rising, there are still a few good movies left to make your way out. And if anyone wants to thank me for letting you know about some of these movies, $12.50 is a great gift!


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