Leaving for College: An Inevitable Wave of Nostalgia

Graduating high school is a great achievement for many as it also means the transition into college for some. Going to college is almost a socially accepted norm for our generation which most people take for granted, but then again debt of student loans is our generations biggest debt. Sad, but college is much more than money. As a milestone in life, there’s nothing marks the moving away like moving into the box of a dorm.

The biggest mark of this transition in life has to be leaving everyone behind.

Reality really sets in at that moment when you realize that all your friends have each gone a separate path than you, and although it may not be tough to make friends and get close with people living right next to you who are in the same situation, the people you have spent so much time with, some for what seems to be all your life, are not physically with you anymore. You can’t just go to their house to pick them up and go get food, go to the random hang out spots, stay up late driving around, or anything like that.

Out of all my friends, the closest school that anyone went to were the schools right at home: West Chester and Temple. So I only saw my friends on breaks. I knew that was the case going into it all. So leaving everyone to go to Syracuse was tough. The end of the summer was rough seeing my friends each leave as the days passed by. There were last bonfires before everyone left, last trips to Chipotle, lasts, lasts, and more lasts.

It’s not an easy thing to do at all. I have been playing sports with these people for over 10 years, I went through all the high school drama with these people, I had all the awkward middle school experiences with these people. So many memories, milestones, and crossroads to just leave behind. It’s almost like all of these things were hidden in small print when we committed to these different colleges.

But after surviving the rush of nostalgia and making it a quarter of the way through my college experience, I have realized that I wouldn’t trade those feelings for anything. Yes it may suck, but going to Syracuse is just a whole other life. New people. New experience. It’s not a bad thing at all. I love it. And coming back home for breaks is always exciting hearing all about stories while still doing all the things we took for granted before.

The best part about coming home for breaks is how it seems like absolutely nothing has changed. It’s just like someone hit pause and then things are just as crazy, people are just as weird, and everything is great.

Nobody likes to leave, but coming back is absolutely one of the best feelings.


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