catcher in the ryeI don’t remember the last time that I read a book all the way through just to read. Not for school. Just to read for fun. Fun and reading are two things to me that don’t go hand in hand. They never have and I think summer reading for school has just ruined that, and the so called “Classics” we read for school don’t do reading so much justice either. I have yet to meet someone who for fun has been reading The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, anything by John Steinbeck, and all the other books on Sparknotes.

And it’s not just books. I rarely look for interesting articles on the internet. I don’t read the newspapers. Magazines? Nope. I stick to the 140 character tweets on Twitter, and Facebook. Facebook is probably the closest thing I get to reading because I will at least open articles, but if there are pictures or a video the words in the rest of the article might as well be written in Greek because I don’t even try to read it. I wish I could explain why I am not a fan of reading so much but I really don’t know.

So low and behold here exists my biggest double standard: I am a writer, who doesn’t read, writing for others to read.

I think it may be the silence that comes with reading. For some reason it is just always so easy for me to get distracted. And I keep wanting to check my phone because normally whenever I am reading something, it gets very boring after a few pages so I would rather read tweets or texts. It’s not necessarily something that I am proud of because I am a writer, but that’s just how it is.

So if anyone has any book suggestions to crack my double standard I’d love to open the printed pages and try to read. But until then… I still expect you to read whatever I write. Oh, and it is much appreciated!


3 thoughts on “EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! You, Not Me

  1. I believe I am the same way but to not feel lazy I try to pick a book up every once in a while. But I just end up in denial about enjoying reading for fun. So sadly I am the same way. BUT, I’ve noticed in myself that I can enjoy research. When I get curious about the past I research it. And I don’t stop until I am satisfied. I’ve done more research out of school than in school, because I’m researching something I like. When I like something I wanna know about it. For instance my music. I have invested an incredible amount of time into reading articles on bands, artists, and their stories. I never realized how event-packed their lives were. I don’t even have to tell myself to finish an artice, I just do it. Then it brings me to the next article, and the next and so on. All because I am so curious as to how things started and I feel like I accomplished something after I find the begining of significant things. And it feels good because you know most people still don’t know something that you do, even though it’s been out in the open for us to research.
    Fictional stories, I can make those up in my head. If I’m doing any kind of reading for “fun,” it’s gonna be research. So get curious Fogel, then lock yourself in your room and do some research when your bored. Then three hours will past in no time.


  2. I know exactly the feeling… with technology around every corner it feels really hard to read books on a regular basis if at all! I haven’t read a book for enjoyment in … I don’t know how long (its been that long haha). But you asked for suggestions so I’m gonna list a few…


    1. Damn posting tools don’t like the return key.. anyway..

      -Boy’s Life (a little long, but makes you feel like youre are the main character, my FAVORITE of all time)
      -Harry Potter series
      -Lord of the Flies
      -J.K. Rowling’s Cormoran Strike series (haven’t read these but have heard really good things)
      -The Hobbit (this might be a stretch, but if youre in the mood then it is excellent)
      -The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
      -Looking for a trashy/easy beach-read? Any James Patterson book
      -Tom Clancy makes REALLY long books but I forced myself through one a few years ago and ultimately enjoyed it
      -Chronicles of Narnia (Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is good on its own)
      -Call of the Wild


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