Beer, Girls, Trucks, and More: Why People Either Loathe or Love Country Music

It’s the summer time, which means it’s time to break out the country music! Not so much for some people. I never thought about this until my friend, Saran, mentioned it to me the other day, but people either love listening to country music or they can’t stand it one bit. I even see this with my family. My dad thinks he’s boys with Blake Shelton and Darius Rucker, and my mom acts like Luke Bryan makes her ears bleed every time she hears any of his songs.

“It’s all the same.” That seems to be the common explanation as to why people don’t like country. Yes, country music is about telling a story. There are common themes of heartbreak, drinking beers, and pickup trucks. That’s not every country song though so it’s just a generalization. If that’s why you hate country music then here’s a song just for you!

I’m not trying to advocate for country music. Just because I like it, doesn’t mean that any one else does. Nobody should be fighting over whether music is good or not considering it’s all an opinion.

The country twang. Okay, the strings strumming in the background may make all the music sound similar, but come on, if that really bugs you and you complain about it, quit crying. After all, country is a genre of music and you just don’t like the sound and that’s that.

I like country music because it’s just easy to listen to in the summer, and I’m sure anyone else who likes it can agree that there’s nothing like riding in a car with the windows down playing Eric Church, Zac Brown, or anyone, you pick.

The best part about music is that you choose what you listen to, so tumblr_lks8z4ZCHj1qat7z0you don’t have to HATE anything about it. Just don’t listen to it, simple as that.

Alright, enough disagreement, one thing that both people who like and those who don’t like country music, is that Taylor Swift needs to get her music back on Spotify and other streaming sites PRONTO.


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