“HUHO, Man”

If I could choose one thing to have with me at all times I know it would absolutely be my phone. I’m not exactly proud of that because I know that I get way too involved with it sometimes. Before I leave my house, it is the one thing that I make sure to have. I’ve gone to my car after checking to make sure I have my phone, forgetting what I really needed: my keys. I carry my phone around knowing that at any time I could have pretty much anyone contact me. I can check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all that jazz, and I could even post something on here from my phone. Oh it surely has perks because of the variety of things it can do. But I really do feel too wrapped up in it sometimes.

“HUHO, man”

“Excuse me?”

“HUHO: Hang up and hang out!”

Danny, here’s your shout out. Thank you for this saying. It’s been about a month now that I have been screamed at to HUHO. I don’t know where he got it from but he does have a whole lot of sayings so I don’t ask. Anyway, hang up and hang out. Like I said, I’ve heard it for a month. Seems pretty basic. It’s synonymous with “GET OFF THE #&%*@( PHONE!” I know I check my phone too often when I am hanging with my friends, which makes it seem like I’m bored just hanging out, but I’m not the only one checking a phone. I’m not bored at all and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

But that’s exactly where I think the problem exists: I don’t see anything wrong with having my phone out and checking it every once in a while. Obviously it doesn’t harm anyone, but I can’t even picture going anywhere without my phone. I know I don’t speak just for myself when I say that too.

Imagine if the world just lost all cell and internet service. For some people that might be called Hell. But seriously, do you think that you could even go an entire day without a phone or any form of contact with people? I doubt I could have a normal day. I would not know how to go about making plans. I’d have to go knock on doors and see if people wanted to “come out and play” basically.

I think the biggest issue that phones have created correlates with its biggest asset. Weird, I agree. But phones allow for people to stay in contact pretty much no matter what. I have a few friends over in Europe right now. I could FaceTime or text either of them right now and they will be able to respond within seconds if they are on their phones. I think the biggest struggle is balancing the time on the phone and the time spent with the people actually around. It is easy to get caught up sending awkward selfies to people on Snapchat, or reading the newest, most awesome blog posts, I know, so exciting, when you are with friends just because the phone can do so much in such little time. But IT’S A TRAP!

It feels weird that I have to make this a challenge, but I challenge anyone who reads this to just try to not use your phone for an entire day. So leave the selfie stick and phone behind and actually go somewhere and explore. Just because it didn’t make your snap story, Instagram, a tweet, or a post on Facebook, does not mean that it never happened.


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