Defense Wins Championships: Juve’s Loss of Giorgio Chiellini Brings the Team’s Hopes Down With Him

The Champions League Final matchup is this weekend between Barcelona FC and Juventus FC. This morning Juventus released the news that Giorgio Chiellini will not be in the lineup for the biggest stage of European Club soccer this weekend.

suarezBefore this heartbreaking news, I believed that the Italian powerhouse had the ability and heart to take down the Spanish giants. It saddens me to say it, but without the great defenseman, Juventus will have to play lights out against a hungry Barcelona eleven.

I understand that, especially this season, Juventus has come out strong on numerous occasions, but anyone who paid attention to the 2014 FIFA World Cup should know about the hard to watch diminishment that Germany brought to the Brazilian hosts in the semifinal game. Everyone believed that the loss of the Brazilian superstar, who will be playing in Saturday’s matchup, Neymar, was the true reason that Germany was able to move past the Brazilian side so easily.

BUT let’s not forget who also was out of that game: Thiago Silva. Missing the game due to accumulation of yellow cards in back to back games was the dagger for the Brazilians. Losing Neymar hurt, I understand that, but with such a dramatic role in defending and even scoring on set pieces, Silva left a hole that the Germans beat to death for ninety minutes.

_83415003_giorgio_chiellini_epaThat strong defensive presence and threat on set pieces is the exact skill set that Chiellini brings to the field each and every game for the Italian club. Although Suarez may not have anyone to snack on this time, I will not be surprised when I see him taking a bite of the silver trophy right before he lifts it above his head standing next to the Brazilian star and the world’s favorite player.

I write this as a sad Juve supporter.


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